A good barber to help you move on.

Giving you a haircut not a hairstyle.

A Good Barber is needed at that critical point in a man’s life, when serious decisions need to be made about their appearance. Whether it be the overall look, from weight, health etc; or perhaps their styling. By the “styling” I mean the clothes, shoes and the hair.

Lets face it, many guys are still wearing the same type of clothes and hairstyle as they were 15 years ago. Whether its T shirts and Jeans and a french crop for the mop on top. Guys, you need to move on.
My advice for moving on is to start at the top, the hair. A good barber will be needed.

A good Barber

As us men get older, the style becomes less important. It’s all about the cut. As time ticks by we move from having a hairstyle to having a haircut. A good barber well help you get and give you advice on maintaining that cut in between visits.

When it comes to us barbers creating your new look, please be realistic. We can’t turn short hair into long.

However a small amount from say around the ears can make subtle but good changes. It’s not always how much is cut off but where it’s cut from that makes the difference.

A good barber

will always offer a consultation before embarking on the task in hand. You can help the process by having photos (discussed in an earlier post) to help you describe what you’re after. Please remember though to be realistic. A good barber he may be, but he isn’t a magician.

Once the haircut has been sorted by your barber, it’ll be time to then visit your choice of tailor or gents menswear emporium. We at the Barbers of Warwick recommend Status Menswear in Leamington they to will offer consultations before making purchases.






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