Beard Tips – How to turn face fuzz into a decent beard

How to turn face fuzz into a decent beard

Barbers of WarwickListen chaps, some things just don’t happen overnight. Some things just take time and growing a decent beard is one of those.

There’s no big secret to getting a great beard, patience, knowledge, commitment and finally care, is what you need to achieve beard heaven.

I’m sorry to say chaps, great beards will not happen for everyone. It’s in your DNA. Genes are an important element in beard growth. If you’ve not got the right genes you may well end up with weak growth.
All is not lost though. With the right knowledge, patience and dedication you can get a beard to be proud of.


Patience is a virtue.

Beard growth can take time. Don’t get stressed if your growth seems to be slow. It’ll come. Stay committed, keep going. The reward will be there but not as quick as you may hope.

Regular trimming.

“I’m growing it and you’re telling me to trim it”
Yes I know it sounds counter productive but small and regular trims will promote the growth. Get your barber to trim your beard when you have your regular haircut. On average a man gets his haircut ever 4-5 weeks. This is a great time to shape up the growth.


Now then, we sell beard care products in our salon, but what I’m telling you is this; at the beginning, go easy on the oils & balms etc; you don’t need to go mad.

  • Start off by just combing the beard. Start from the outside and work your way in and top to bottom.
  • Wash your beard with a proper beard wash 2 -3 times a week. Work the wash into the roots, rinse and then towel dry.
  • When your beard is dry use your oil or balm and comb it through. If stray hairs are apparent them trim them with a decent pair of scissors. Not the kitchen scissors.
  • If your beard needs a more control and is longer than an inch or so then use a light wax on the outside of your beard
  • Finally, leave it alone for a bit. I know its tempting to play with it, it takes time for the oils to be absorbed by your beard hairs.

So there you have it. No big secrets, they’re just my tips to help you get a decent beard.

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