Face shapes, hair types, styles to suit, and your barber

Face Shapes

Face shapes, what’s that all about.

Face shapes

Any barber worth his or her salt will be looking at face shapes and hair types as soon as a client sits in that comfy barbers chair.
Many of us practitioners of this ancient trade won’t get in your face (excuse the pun) about style changes etc; we’ll often wait for the client to express their desire for a change of look/style.

As discussed before in previous posts, us chaps are a bit wary of change, in fact many guys are still using the same type of hair product that they were using when they were 17 years old and even more have probably got the same hairstyle as well. What’s wrong with that? I hear you cry. Well, nothing to be honest, it’s your choice.
At some point you’re going to fancy a change. It maybe a choice of your own free will or quite possibly the lady in your life as being going on a bit about your appearance.
They (Wives, girlfriends etc;) seem to have two traits, subtle and the sledgehammer approach.
They’ll often leave magazines in your vicinity, open on certain pages where a picture of a certain celebrity tosser will peering back out at you. That’s their idea of a subtle approach.
The sledgehammer approach often goes something like; “if you don’t do something with your hair and general appearance, I’m leaving you for the guy who runs the spinning class down at the gym”.
So now you’re spurned into affirmative action and are legging it to the barbershop.

Now the serious part.

One reason or another, you want change. As I said before, you may have been influenced by your missus and that celebrity in the magazine for a particular style or cut.
Take note: Not every cut or style will suit every person. That David Beckham style she keeps going on about, may just make you look like a complete ejit.
For your new style to work for you, your barber will take into account varying factors including face shapes and differing hair types of each individual client.
A good barber will offer a consultation, going through the pros & cons of any possible changes you wish to consider for your hair.

To give you an idea of what I’m going on about, take look at this article from GQ Uk.

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