Hair at Home

Looking after your hair at home, or the lack of it.

So here we are 5 weeks into lockdown we’re cutting our hair at home with  still no real sign of being let out to visit the barbershop. I don’t know about you but I think cabin fever could be setting in.

It seems though one thing that maybe gaining traction, in and it looks like it’s happening to both sexes, male and female. According to reports across mainstream media, we’re all beginning to look a bit rough and unfortunately…. smell a bit. Personal grooming and hygiene has taken a back seat during lockdown.

The numbers.

Seriously though, their is nothing shallow about the hair & beauty business here in the UK.
Mintel estimate its worth £15 Billion to the UK. I wonder if Mintel UK will have the numbers on how many chaps had a “self inflicted” crew cut?
Male and female are letting themselves “go” during the Covid crisis. No excuses guys you can look after your hair at home.
Unilever the huge conglomerate and multi channel distributor of beauty products are claiming a significant drop in sales of shampoo and deodorant. Apparently, Unilever claim that there was huge demand pre lockdown, probably due to panic buying. The Unilever corporation say that March 2020 sales are flat; amounting to only £10.8 Billion. I know our heart bleeds for them.

As a barber I’m praying that men who are wantonly ditching one’s appearance, will return to normal gentlemanly behaviour and not do their own hair at home once we all get back to work.
If we all leave it too long to get back into a grooming routine, it’s going the hard to get back to one’s normal impeccable appearance.

There’s no time like the present to start getting our life back together. Best start now.

You can’t get to a barber at the moment but their are a few things you could do to look better and feel better. It always pays to look good while your on another endless round of webinars or zoomers or whatever.

Lets get started.

Start by having a shave and washing your hair. I know some chaps have just been layering product on day after day without a hair wash in between. To remove excess product “build up” use something like Men-U Hair & Scalp Shampoo. It’s brilliant for product removal as well as caring for itchy scalps.

A gentleman’s hair will undoubtedly be somewhat longer (if they haven’t already succumbed to the DIY experience) therefore I really do advice using a conditioner on the ends, even more so if you’ve used a deep cleanse shampoo.

Use a wide toothed comb or a decent brush for your hair type. This’ll help you get it in order before applying a product.

Use the right product for the right type of hair and don’t use a lot of it.
As a general guide if you have thin or fine hair avoid the wetter type of products like Pomade or good old fashioned gel. Wet products usually make finer hair look greasy and you often end up seeing the scalp through it after application.

As you can see we do like Men-U products. Heres bit more information on this excellent range of grooming products for men.



If you need a bit of volume and don’t mind using a hairdryer, the Reuzel Grooming Tonic is great along with another product from Men-U called Liquiflex. this is great when mixed with their Leave In Conditioner. This combo also helps give some natural looking hold to the style.Using a small amount of clay will give a dryer, matt sort of finish, which looks more natural. Our number one hair product before closing was the Matt Clay from BlueBeards Revenge.So that is it for now. Ultimately though, just because a lot of folk are letting themselves go during the lockdown, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a bit of decorum and keep your appearance as best as you can in these sad times.

Stay safe.



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