Hair Brushes for Men, don’t give them the brush off.

 Hair Brushes for men, don’t give ‘em the brush off.

Hair brushes for men, let’s face it shall we, the practice of brushing your hair has dropped off bit these days. Many guys that come into our Barbershop readily admit to not brushing or combing their hair on any sort of regular basis. I f you’re one of these guys then don’t worry you’re not alone.

Those of you lucky enough to have enough hair on your head should return to the art of brushing and or combing your locks on a regular basis. Yes,  even if your hair is short, it needs brushing regularly. Brushing your hair will help it look good and achieve its full potential.

So then chaps and chapettes (apparently some of the fairer sex read some of this crap that I publish) here is a small insight into the right hair brush for you to use.

The following hair brushes for men are generally held in stock within our Barbershop on Smith Street Warwick.


Fine hair is recognised by the texture and size of the individual hair.
Many a chap has bounded into the barbershop bemoaning the limp and lacklustre strands that are erupting from the follicle, however finer hair can have its upside. It can be often more shiny and smooth but on the downside it can also be flyaway. So when it comes to the brush, natural bristle which should be soft to medium should be considered. some brushes will have a rubber cushion. This will make things more comfortable while brushing the locks.

For everyday general use try The Kent MS23   DA 4S


hair brushes for men soft bristle brush fine hair brush os11 brush MS23d

Kent DA 4S Fine hair


If you have a lot of fine hair and wish to get some volume into the hair than try Kent KS43 or KS50

fine hair volume KS43

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Perhaps the most ideal hair to have, look after and style.
To keep your barnet in tip top nick go for a medium to stiff bristle and importantly, brush daily to stimulate the blood supply to the follicle which will improve the condition of your hair.

For a quality brush that will last for years try the Kent MS11, OS10, MN1B, OE1 or the MG3

oe1_3_4-medium-hair mn1b_pack_1-mediun-hair








Every geezers dream. the individual hair strand can be double the size of a strand of fine hair but can be tricky to style.

Here’s at tip. Before blow drying your hair with your newly purchased brush, towel dry it first. By reducing more of the water using a towel, you will spend less time blowing and brushing with the hairdryer. Not only is over using a hairdryer bad for your hair, using the hairdryer less will reduce the aches in your arms and hands. Win Win!

Use  OC2, OG2 or an MN11 for best results.

mn11_pack_1-thick-hair og2_3_4-thick-hair oc2_3_4-thick-hair







Thin and fine hair are not the same.

Fine hair is the thickness of the strands, thin hair is the actual number of strands of hair on your scalp. Fewer the hairs the thinner it is. So if your follicly challenged, it’s still important to look after what you’ve got. Keep it healthy by brushing with a softer cut of bristle.

Try using Kents MS23D  DA 4S or OS11

Kent DA 4S Fine hairbrush MS23d


Finally, before making any decisions about a brush, work out what sort of hair you have, fine, medium etc;

Purchasing a good quality brush like those mentioned above is an investment. A quality brush will last you many years. It may seem a little indulgent but I promise you that if looked after, your brush will last you many years.
When I’m at work in the barbershop I have had many clients comment on one particular brush that I use. They love the feel of it on their hair and scalp, they also love how it smooths the hair as I work with it.
That brush they love so much is more than 35 years old. What an investment I made all those years ago.

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