Hair and Grooming Advice for the average man about town

Become a regular at your barbers

Most guys should think about going to the Barbers roughly every 4 weeks. Make it a habit.
Too many men wait for the Missus to subtly suggest (is there such a thing?) before doing anything about it. Basically, if you’ve noticed your hair needs a cut, then others have too. The trick is to be proactive, not reactive. Have a regular place that you go to. The trust will build between you and the Barber. The  trust will then cut down the ‘oh my God what if he balls’s this up’ anxiety.

Know which hair products work for you

Hair products for men have got a bit more confusing since the Brylcreem & Gel days. We suggest a good chat with the Barber on what each product is for. Thicker hair and messy styles can handle waxes and pomades, but if your hair’s thinner, then lighter products and sprays will give your barnet some staying power. Check an earlier post here on various products for your manly mane that are on offer.

hair Styling product

Manage your facial fuzz

Unless you’re planning to move out into the back of beyond to find yourself, facial hair of any length needs to be looked after, especially if you want to be taken seriously. You don’t have to spend much on a beard trimmer,  in fact don’t buy one at all, they’re very dangerous in the wrong hands. Visit your Barber of choice is my advice


…Or learn how to shave like an expert

You might not have time in the morning for an extensive wet-shaving routine, but learning the basics of a good shave is important. Preparing your skin beforehand with a shave oil will help the razor glide over your hairs.
We dispense a lot of shaving advice for those who want to learn about the art of shaving. If you can’t be arsed, then leave your handsome face in the hands of the experts and have a shave done by a Barber.

Shaving Brush foe essential grooming


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