Hairstyles for Black Tie Events

All you need to know: Hairstyles for Black Tie Events

Hairstyles for black tie events, advice for the haircut for the big event.
Back in the day our forefathers would have shaved off their beard for such events, nowadays their is no need, but you need to tighten up that haircut for black tie.

Short Hair.

A short sharp haircut is one of the best hairstyles for black tie events. It will always look great and works really well with a dinner suit. 
Keep the back & sides clean away from the collar. A great way to wear this style is to keep it as natural as possible, you don’t need a definitive parting. Style it with your fingers and go with the natural movement of the hair.

Short hair for black tie












Wavy Mid Length Hair.

A classic scissor cut with a side part or just a side sweep will look great. 
Ask your barber for a Scissor cut graduated down to a grade 3 or 4. Be sure to tell your barber to leave a decent length on top. 
If your hair is particularly wavy or curly, using a hair dryer will be a huge benefit. I recommend using a Matt Paste to help control the wave.

Wavy hair











Straight Mid length Hair.

The haircut of a bygone era. Probably the best haircut with a dinner jacket. This will never go out of style.
A longer length on top with a classic side parting. keep the sides a little longer so than it can be combed back and that it can lie flat.
Distribute a pomade through towel dried hair and then with a decent sized comb, part the hair and comb the hair back at the sides and then back and across on the top. add a little more pomade and for a little extra insurance for the night ahead, spray good old fashioned hairspray over the combed and styled hair.

Classic Mid length


Long Hair.

Fear not ye men of long hair. You don’t need to cut it all off for a black tie event.
Longer hair is making a comeback, expect to see more in 2016.
What you must do though is to keep your long locks healthy. 
Ask your barber to trim those split ends. Get those sideburns sorted and tell your barber to clean up the neck hair with a razor.
Condition your hair to keep it looking and feeling great. Long hair can make the black tie look less stuffy but you’ll need to “dress” it.
Use hair dryer to blow the hair away from your face. If you have wavy hair use the hairdryer on slow, it’ll help to bring out some of the wave in your hair. Use your fingers, you don’t want this style to look ‘Blow Dried” natural is the name of the game. Don’t dry the hair completely. Just before it’s fully dried add your preferred styling product.

Long wavy hair black tie










Status menswear So now you’re all sorted with the haircut for that back tie event. Please don’t forget the suit though. 
remember to complete your look with a great well fitting suit, a neck tie or bow tie and bang on trend at the moment is the pocket square. For advice on dinner and evening suits we recommend a visit to see James at Status Menswear.




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