how do I get a great looking beard

How to get a great looking beard.

“How do I get a great looking beard, I don’t know what to do”

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked “how do I get a great looking beard” well, I’d probably not be writing this stuff for the latest post; I’d be on a beach somewhere exotic for a start. Anyway, I’m not so here we go.

What winds me up these days, is these Mens Magazines such as GQ & Esquire who seek grooming advice from For C list celebrities. I mean who is Jamie Dornan anyway and pray tell, why do Esquire go seeking advice from him? Why don’t they just ask people who know this crap like barbers such as me.

If your beard is longish, you work in dusty environments such as builders plasterers etc then this advice could be your salvation to a great looking beard.

There are no shortcuts to achieving a great looking beard. You’ll need to give yourself a bit of me time, only about 10 minutes for so.

  • Give the beard a good brush using a beard brush
  • Take a medium sized towel or a Muhle shaving towel. Place it in water. Ring the towel out thoroughly so it is just damp.
  • Place towel in a microwave for 30 seconds or so to get it hot. Now be careful not to put it in too long. You may scald yourself. You need the towel hot but you must be able to handle it after heating up.
  • When done, the towel will be steaming. Wrap towel around your face to cover the beard. Leave on for a minute or until the towel starts to cool. Don’t let towel go cold before removing.

How to get a great looking beard

By using a hot towel on your hirsute chops, the heat will start to lift the cuticle on the shaft of the hair. When the cuticle is lifted the oil can then penetrate into the hair a lot further. If you let the towel go cold, the cuticle will close, thus making all of your effort a pointless exercise.

If your beard is well and truly dried out then you’ll need to repeat this process two or three times over the next couple of weeks. You can use this method once a week to keep your great looking beard in fine fettle.

Of course you could just pop in and have your manly beard tended by a qualified barber. BOOK NOW

Remember: Caution and common sense must be applied when warming the towel. We take no responsibility if you scald yourself. You need it warm not boiling.

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