Long hair and how to look after it

While the coronavirus, covid-19 or whatever you prefer to call it, takes it toll on all of us; how will we manage to look after our hair while in lockdown.

Thick or thin hair, curly or straight and even the follically challenged, we’re all falling together. Bad hair days are with us for a good while yet.

You can of course crop it all off with a pair of clippers or you can get your lockdown partner to attempt to cut it. This however often turns into a nightmare, with many a man looking like they’ve had their haircut done with a knife and fork. Cutting your own barnet is hard, very hard. Barbering is a skill, that’s why you go to professional barbers.

I don’t really want to advocate DIY on your own hair, especially as the lockown maybe coming to an end soon enough. You could however in embrace the longer hair and let it grow while you’re in lockdown.
Longer hair can look great even pretty cool and stylish. James Dean, Marlon Brando and many other icons of the silver screen had medium to long hair that looked great.

James Dean long hair

Looking after your long hair at home is really quite simple. The fundamentals are:

Washing regular with the right shampoo. Those that have medium to fine hair we recommend Men-U Daily Refreshing Shampoo. For those guys who use a lot of product and have itch scalp issues, we recommend Men-U Hair and scalp shampoo.


Daily shampoo men-u hair & scalp shampoo

Condition your hair. Only apply the conditioner to the mid- lengths and the ends do not rub it into your scalp  it can make your thatch greasy. It is so simple to use just put it on and leave it on, you don’t have to rinse it off! Again Men-U is a great product, its highly concentrated making it good value.

Men-u Leave in conditioner

Brush your hair or at least give it a good time with a wide tooth comb.

mens style brush  Kent DA 4S Fine hair

Use the right amount of product and the right product for your desired look.

Matt clay hair product    matt paste Bluebeards revenge


Being in a lock down is an ideal time to experiment with your barnet. You’ve got no work place to visit so your work colleagues are unable to take the Mickey out of you as it grows. Note of caution though, many of us are constantly on webinars. Just make sure that while you are growing and experimenting with your longer look, it still looks tidy and clean. Don’t let yourself go.

Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression.
So when this Coronavirus crisis has ended and you need the longer locks tended, then please  feel free to book an appointment.


Stay safe

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