Mens hair trends for 2018

Mens hair trends for 2018

So here we are half way through February in 2018 and your still figuring out what mens hair trends for 2018 are.
Time is flying and before you know it your hair will start falling out and it’ll start sprouting from all those areas where you don’t want it to, such as your nose and ears. It’s nature’s cruel joke on us chaps. Nevertheless, while you’ve still got it, flaunt it.

So what’s occurring in mens hair and beard trends for 2018.

Essentially we’d always do what’s best for you and your hair, you live with it all day so you have to be comfortable with how it looks and how easy it is for you to manage. For those off you who want a change for your hair that is current and on trend, here you are.

Longer hair is making that predicted comeback. 
Clients are asking for longer length on top as well as the sides. Longer hair can be more versatile. You can sweep it straight back or sweep it over to one side. Having longer hair doesn’t mean that you should cut down on the visits to your barber. Good looking longer hairstyles need maintenance with regular trims to get rid of dry split ends. The use of the right product will be important. Guys are and will be looking for texture and volume.
More men are now asking for a lower tapered finish rather than skin fades. I guess the dandy man about town doesn’t want to look like every other 17 year old these days. Men will be looking for a softer finish around the edges over the next year or so.
This doesn’t mean that the fade is fading, it’ll be less prominent. Below are some images showing mens hair trends for 2018.


 mens Hair trends for 2018          

Mens hair trends for 2018

Beard trends for 2018

It doesn’t look like the beard is falling out of favour anytime soon. What has happened over the last 12 months or so is this, beard owners are wanting shorter to medium length beards with better shape and condition.
Our beard customers are more likely ask for our full facial furniture experience which includes lining and sculpting the beard with a cutthroat razor to finish. A cleaner sharper looking beard has been popular among the clients who have customer facing roles within their professional careers.
With this, beard products are more popular than ever. With Beard Oils still the number one choice, the Beard Balms and brushes are very close. Guys have really become involved with maintaining a healthy looking beard.

The big thing predicted for 2018 in Facial Furniture is the moustache. Oh yes, I knew they’d all come alive to the moustache. I’ve been sporting and “Old English” for a couple of years now.
It does take a certain amount of confidence to wear a “Tash” but they can be a great way to frame the face and add distinction to one’s appearance

If you’re unsure then grow a shorter beard with a longer moustache to ease your way in to the moustache experience. Moustache waxes and creams are available to help you keep them prim and proper.

old english moustache



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