New Hairstyle decisions for men, need help?

New hairstyle decisions for men.

You’ve been pondering a new hairstyle for a few weeks now. All the magazines like GQ, FHM, Esquire etc have been trawled through, you’ve also got a 1001 images pinned in Pinterest. Your mind is made up and you’re off to the Barbers to get your Barnet sorted.

The moment of truth arrives, you sit in the chair and then whip out the photo of the style you want to your unsuspecting Barber.

Now then, here’s a little tip for you before you go showing your Barber pictures of Justin Bieber, Harry Styles or some other pointless celebrity. Just before I give you the tip, let me tell you this,

The  truth is that when customers bring in photos of hairstyles, more often than not, they haven’t really considered if the style will suit them. A lot of guys just want to look like the person in the photo with no thought to the actual hairstyle suiting them.

New hairstyle tips

Here it is then, get your photo or picture from a magazine and then simply cover the models face with your thumb. Now look at the hairstyle, do you still like it, do you really think it will suit you?

It’s a simple thing to do but very effective. By obscuring the face of the model you are concentrating your eye on the hairstyle not of the person wearing it.

Having a couple of images and then a good heart to heart chat with your Barber will make any new hairstyle decisions so much easier to make. The other bit of advice that I’d like to pass on is this. Choose something that you are comfortable with, it’s you who has to live and you who has to look after your new hairstyle. Don’t be bullied by your missus. Pop in to The Barbers of Warwick, a place where a man can be a man for a while.

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