Beards and the maintenance of fine facial furniture. All Hail the Hirsute.

Beards – All hail the hirsute!

Beards & Moustaches

Captain Fawcett's Gold Beard oil

Beards still feature strongly on many a male fashionista and the beard trend doesn’t seem to be disappearing.
What we have noticed over last 6 months or so is that men are prepared to put more effort into the beard, whether its beard maintenance or just general trimming.

The wearing of Facial Furniture takes commitment. This comes in the way of patience in the initial growing phase and the regular maintenance in the form of conditioning and trimming either by yourself or your trusted hirsutologist i.e. Your Barber.
Your Barber will advice you on shape, length and will also offer help on looking after your beard with the aid of products such as balms, oils, cleansers and waxes for the moustache.


Here at the Barbers of Warwick we pride ourselves on our ability to offer advice and guide our customers on maintaining their hair as well as their beards.
At the Barbers of Warwick, we are proud of the fact that we use all the products we recommend in the barbershop. We don’t use inferior products then suggest you buy superior products. We practice what we preach.

Captain Fawcett comes to Warwick.

Our latest addition to the beard care range is Captain Fawcett’s, suppliers of “first class gentleman’s grooming requisites” Below are a few of our favourite beard & moustache essentials that are available in our Barbershop.
Please feel free to drop in and ask for advise, we are happy to help.


Jimmy Niggles Million $ Beard Oil

This unique combination of life enriching oils will make your beard feel like a million dollars. Crafted with fresh oceanic scents & earthy resinous notes & topped with an enchanting floral citrus, the only addition we thought appropriate was the ultimate luxuriant – flakes of 23 carat gold… All hail the hirsute.
Handmade in small batches by the Captain’s master blender, supplied in a glass bottle with rubber topped glass pipette for accurate dispensing.
Supporting Beard Season
Beard Season is a global movement turning beards into life saving conversation starters, challenging you, your friends & family to have a skin check for melanoma – one of the world’s deadliest cancers. Proceeds from every bottle of Million Dollar Beard Oil will be used with responsible efficiency to spread awareness & action in the fight against melanoma.



Moustache wax

Expedition Strength Moustache Wax

For those who require something a little firmer… ideal for keeping a stiff upper lip regardless when for example visiting the Tropics or surviving an unscheduled encounter with the Mother-in-Law.
Featuring our most popular scent Sandalwood, this tin of specially formulated ‘Firm Hold’  Expedition Strength Moustache wax will ensure your perky tips stand proud throughout!





Booze baccy beard oil

Booze & Baccy Beard Oil

A rich and complex blend of essential oils which combine the luxurious base notes of honeyed fresh tobacco leaves, dusty aromatic frankincense, maple-like benzoin, woody oak moss and warm exotic vanilla bean, layered with mid notes of fresh hops and sweet bog myrtle finished with the top notes of spice from the bay rum tree and zesty orange.


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