Choosing the Best Shaving Brush

Choosing the Best Shaving Brush

There’s nothing more enjoyable about a traditional wet shave than a once-over with your trusty however-many-blades razor. The best way to shave is with a quality razor, a great shaving soap or shaving cream and a quality shaving brush.

So, what’s the deal of using a shaving brush?

A shaving brush will do a much better job of getting underneath your facial hair than using your hands. The action of small circular movements of the shaving brush will lift the bristles away from the skin along with getting plenty of lather on to your face, which then facilitates the blade to glide smoothly over the skin. Causing less irritation.

By using your hands you will tend to counterintuitively push hairs down.

What are the best kind of bristles for a brush?

There are Badger, Boar and Synthetic shaving brushes to choose from.  In my professional opinion only, The Badger is best. For the discerning wet shaver The Silvertip Badger is at the top of the list, followed by Pure Badger. It’s the ability to keep the lather warm and hold enough water, that’s the key.

The synthetic alternative, has become a viable alternative. Modern products have come on leaps and bounds. Made from soft nylon, these vegan-friendly bristles are more than capable of pre-shave prep – a big relief for any hairy animal conservationists.


Pure badger shaving brush Muhle Purist Briar wood Muhle Olive wood silvertip

How much should I pay for a shaving brush?

Choosing the best shaving brush is made up of a few factors. There’s the quality of its bristles, synthetic tending to be the more affordable option, plus the handle and what material it is made from. Shaving brush handles are available in anything from cost-effective, eco-friendly bamboo to specially selected woods, porcelain and resins. In some cases, even animal horn, which is sure to drive up the price and not very animal friendly. There is something for everyone, essentially choosing the best shaving brush will come down to budget and the quality of product you want. But bear in mind, the right brush, if looked after correctly will last you many years to come. In this case quality is really cost effective.

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