Shop online at the Barbers of Warwick with the knowledge that this isn’t a warehouse or some company just out there selling male grooming products.
This is an online shop with a small but significant difference. The difference is this:

We use all the products listed in the online shop within our Barbershop on a daily basis.

That is why you won’t see loads of variations of the same thing, for example, 15 different hair wax products or brands. We are only prepared to offer male grooming products that we are using.
Here at the Barbers of Warwick, we believe in integrity. We don’t use cheap and or inferior products on our clients then expect them to be happy when we offer them a superior product for use at home. Feel safe in the knowledge that when you shop online at the Barbers of Warwick, you are buying premium products.

When you shop online at the Barbers of Warwick you can be safe in the knowledge that the products on offer are deemed by us to be of good value and superior quality.
Remember that if you are local to Barbers of Warwick. 46 Smith Street Warwick, CV34 4HS then you can click and collect.

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Gentlemans Cut From £13.50
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Boys Under 10
(Excluding Saturdays)
From £10.00
Crew Cut - Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 From £9.00
Facial Furniture Trim From £6.00
Facial Furniture Trim & Shape From £9.00
Senior Citizens
(Mon - Tue 9am - 4pm)
From £9.50
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