Grey Hair – Embrace the silver fox look.

Grey hair bit of an issue: Listen up, go grey gracefully and embrace the “ Silver Fox” look.

You’ve been checking in that mirror again haven’t you and I guess you’re starting to lose count of the grey hairs. They’re multiplying at the speed of light.
You should accept the natural changes, however, don’t let your standards drop. Develop your style to match your age, update your wardrobe and think about your barnet a bit more.

A good Barber will advice and discuss your “grey” situation to help you achieve your desired style and appearance. Remember you don’t go grey overnight, it’s a gradual transition, so don’t fret, you’ll have time to work out what you can do about it.
To tell you a truth, the hair is white, it only appears grey when it’s next to your natural colour. So some with naturally darker hair will have that “salt & pepper” look. Another person with say, ginger hair will go to a strawberry blonde colour.

When you come to terms with going grey, remember there are a lot of guys that you can take inspiration from. Grey hair cut into a style to suit the person can give the allure of sophistication, class and style.
Here is a selection of well known blokes with stylish grey hair. I know some of them are twits, but you’ll get the idea.

ClooneyHere’s Clooney with a classic cut. 
This is a versatile haircut.
Wear it formal or apply a clay or paste for a tussled more casual look.






Jose Mourinho greay hairMourinho, a very charismatic chap.

The secret here is the cut. No clippers just cut with scissors to add some texture.
This haircut can be good for those with thinning hair. by
adding texture you can add volume.




George Lamb GREY HAIR

See how George Lamb has embraced the situation?
Grey at the roots, so he’s gone for a casual swept back look.
The sweep back exposes the grey roots rather than combing it forward or sideways which may have covered some of the grey.





A good barber will have many styles and cuts to his or her repertoire. Choose a barber that isn’t just known for one style, believe me, these days their are a few of them about.

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