Grooming advice, we’re just too embarrassed to ask.

Grooming advice, we’re just too embarrassed to ask.

56% of us men* are too embarrassed to ask for any sort of grooming advice.
44%** of us blokes have separate grooming products for the gym, business travel or weekend use.

The figures relating to grooming advice above, are no surprise to us here at the Barbers of Warwick on Smith Street. More and more often we are getting asked for help and advice. Requests for styling tips and shaving advice are the most frequent.

When you sit in the Barbers chair to have your haircut, it’s the perfect time for you to ask any questions you might have. It’s a one to one situation, just you and your trusted Barber. It’s pretty much a private conversation. It shouldn’t feel awkward or embarrassing for you to ask any questions about your styling or grooming regime.
Standing in a supermarket aisle staring at the plethora of lotions and potions for you face or barnet and then looking for an assistant who’s more interest in pricing up the razor blades than offering you advice on how to stop razor burn, is perhaps an awkward and embarrassing moment for many of us.
Over the last 12 months or so we have noticed that clients are becoming more discerning about the products they use. More men are now seeking quality products that offer value.
We are authorised stockists for Bluebeards Revenge and today I can announce that Musgo Real shaving creams, soaps and colognes are now available from our salon.
There is an earlier post in barberlife blog that talks about Bluebeards Revenge products. Click here for that post.

Grooming adviceThe Musgo Real brand sits perfectly with our other brands that we use and recommend. Musgo Real is a traditional/ heritage brand from Portugal. They have been producing quality soaps and creams for nearly 100 years. The Musgo Real products can be compared to the likes of Truefitt & Hill and Geo F Trumper companies.

The shaving soaps, creams and colognes from Musgo Real are offered in different scents including Lavender, Lime & Basil, Classic scent and Oak Moss to name a few. The Lime & Basil and the Lavender are perfect shaving creams for the forthcoming summer months, light and refreshing scents that don’t overwhelm someone standing next to you.
Lavender is an interesting scent, light and floral, but did you know this: research from the “Smell and research Foundation” in Chicago has shown that the smell of Lavender dramatically increases the blood flow to your manly member, todger or whatever nickname you’ve given the little chap that hangs between your legs.
The pre shave oil is a superb pre shave treatment. It’s a thinner oil that won’t clog up a cartridge blade (Gillette Fusion etc;) like some do, yet it softens up your stubble and helps the blade glide across your skin, reducing drag which will help to combat razor burn. This product contains no Lavender though.

At the Barbers of Warwick we practice what we preach. We only sell and recommend products that we use in the barbershop on a daily basis. We believe in integrity so why would we use lesser quality products yet recommend you buy the better quality product? It just wouldn’t be right, would it?

So, if you want advice, help, tips for the hair on your head or the hair on your chin, please ask. Don’t be one of the 56% that are too embarrassed to ask.

*Source: WGSN.
**Source Mintel.


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