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Shaving brushes, so many to choose from.
Our followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc no how we feel about our Shaving Brushes in particular the natural badger bristle, whether they be the Silvertip or the Pure Grey from Kent Brushes or Muhle. We feel that the natural brushes are damn fine brushes and any respecting wet shaver would benefit from owning such a thing of beauty.

Alas, we understand that many a fine dandy has feelings about using items that have been developed by either testing or of the using of any animal products such as bristle. So to support such gentlemen, we’ve been looking at the best shaving brushes option for those who wish to decline from using badger bristle brushes. It ain’t been easy. 
But good news chaps I reckon we’ve got the right ones for you.

We’d looked at a number of synthetic shaving brushes, and to be honest, they weren’t good.
In the barbershop we have to think about sterilisation of all shaving equipment, including the shave brush, so using a synthetic one was the only option. The problem with various brands was either loss of bristles after a short time of use or, the lack of a decent lather that they would produce. In some cases both instances occurred. 
Now we can reveal that our quest for an excellent synthetic shaving brush has succeeded. Those clever Germans from Muhle have got a cracking option for the animal lovers out there, and yes we now stock them.

Silvertip Fibre®

The high-quality synthetic fibres represent a world first of Muhle’s own invention. They offer a synthetically produced premium quality shaving brush whose material characteristics are analogous to those of the precious natural hair, silvertip badger. The majority of the users even say that this quality actually provides better performance characteristics than the natural hair.

‘Silver tip Fibre®’ shaving brushes are very soft at its fine tips, but more stable than natural hair in the middle section. These characteristics produce a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin when the lather is applied, without having to forgo the desired firmness of the hairs in the lathering process. In daily use, the manually processed fibres are less sensitive than natural hair as they dry more quickly and are resistant to shaving soaps and creams.

The completely vegan fibres are also somewhat easier to use than natural hair as they produce a particularly creamy and thick lather from a small amount of shaving soap or cream, which is used much more sparingly as a result.

With this long-lasting synthetic fibre in premium quality Muhle have succeeded in achieving a world first and in proving that art is capable of surpassing nature. The particularly low-maintenance fibres, which are suitable for vegans, are processed by hand and very soft at the tips, but somewhat firmer than natural hair in the middle section.

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